Who we are

Bitcatcha.com consists of a small team of like-minded people that shares the same objective: to help small business owners increase their productivity and profits.


We understand small businesses because Bitcatcha.com is a small business. We go through the same struggles, pain, headaches, and we know that there just aren’t enough resources out there for small business owners.


So we’ve set out to research, learn and discover everything there is to know about marketing, web hosting, finance and effective practices for online businesses.


We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t, we’ll publish our learnings and furnish you with the information, data and know-how to succeed in your respective industries. Basically, we’ll do the experimenting so you can learn from our mistakes and make informed business decisions!

How It All Started

When Daren first started Bitcatcha.com in 2014, it was meant to be a simple site to review web hosting services.


But as we expanded and grew, we received a lot of enquiries from readers asking for advice on marketing, website building, wordpress issues, and business related problems. It was then that we realized that there was a distinct lack of resources for small business owners, and there was a demand for quality business related data.


So being small business owners ourselves, we decided to pivot and turn Bitcatcha.com into the go-to resource site for all small business owners.


We’ll cover everything;


Tips on how to build your online presence


Effective marketing practices


Best ways to profit from your site.


We’ll even share successful case studies so small business owners have something to aspire to!

Meet The Team

Bitcatcha.com consists of a team of passionate designers, web developers and writers. We’ll proudly burn the midnight oil just to come up with content that will stay relevant to small business owners. Being their number 1 resource when it comes to business know-hows. Please feel free to contact us, we won’t bite.

Daren Low

Chief Strategist

Founder and CEO of Bitcatcha.com. Spent more than 10 years as an internet marketing strategist before he founded Bitcatcha.com.



Tony is passionate with coding, startup industry and he has major experience working on product development. Tony is all thing code and management. Ninja he is.

Grace Tay

Full Stack Developer

Mathematician turned coders. Self-learner and passionate in problem solving and new technology. Grace goes wild after coffee!

Chee Ching

Art Director

Chee Ching is an art director, illustrator, blogs at cheechingy.com and loves to travel.

Elliot Boey

Head of Content

Former Business Development Manager at Recreation Asia. Joined Bitcatcha.com as Head of Content, managing content creation & publishing. Founder of Epic Broductions Asia.

Chen Xi

On-page Specialist

Curios nerd. Chen Xi is part of our SEO team and he love working on contents. He eats words for breakfast.

Timothy Shim


Timothy is a former tech journalist. Today, he helps businesses craft compelling messages and advises on content marketing & social media strategy.

Ben Brown


Ben is a writer from London who has worked with The Huffington Post, Instagram (and, of course, Bitcatcha). Connect with him at benjamin-brown.uk.

Jason Chow

Social Media Manager

Jason is our social media manager. He handles Twitter, Facebook, G+ & other campaigns through Next Social Startup

How We Sustain Our Site

Bitcatcha.com is sustained by the profits made when our readers make a purchase from our affiliate links.


Some people are concerned that they’ll be paying more by purchasing stuff via our affiliate links; that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, you’ll actually be enjoying bigger savings due to the relationship we’ve forged with our partners.


For example:

Inmotion Hosting is 56% off
when you use our affiliate link!


We also earn a small fee from advertorials and ad placements, which will be fully disclosed for the benefit of our readers. However, we’ll only endorse products that benefits our readers and are worth recommending.


If you want to find out more, check out our disclosure disclaimer and privacy policy.

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