Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020

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Flywheel Black Friday Sale 2020 - Approaching Fast!

Stay tuned so you won’t miss it! See our mega list for any ongoing offer now!

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** While waiting for Black Friday 2020, check out Flywheel’s BF campaign for last year!



Remember, you saw it here first!


Flywheel’s Black Friday offers have landed and they are offering discounts up to 40% for new sign-ups for their annual hosting plans!


flywheel black friday sale 2019



* Use coupon code FLYDAY19
** Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Deals!



We use an exchange rate of 1 USD to 4.1 MYR for all prices listed.


Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Promotion Details


Generally, deals like these don’t last very long seeing as Black Friday literally only lasts one day, but the fly people at Flywheel are feeling generous, so they’ve decided to extend this offer to the 4th of December!


As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to wait till Black Friday – this deal is actually up for grabs NOW so head on over to their site, enter the discount code – FLYDAY19 – and get up to 40% discounts!


  • Discount: Up to 40% for new annual plan
  • Subscription period: 12-month
  • Monthly fee: From RM61.50 per month
  • Total bill: RM738 for 12 months
  • Start date: NOW
  • End date: 4th Dec 2019
  • Coupon Code: FLYDAY19
  • Full details: Learn more



* Use coupon code FLYDAY19
** Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Deals!



Remember, it only works with new annual plans and you HAVE to use the discount code FLYDAY19!


About Black Friday


Black Friday is the most eagerly awaited shopping day in the USA. It’s just a day after Thanksgiving, and products get sold out FAST!


Everything sells like hotcakes, with huge discounts, price cuts and offers going around. Don’t be surprised to find good folk camping outside of stores so they can get the products they want.


Feeling Good About Flywheel


Flywheel was created in 2012 when 3 friends decided that they’ve had enough with all the rubbish web hosting that they had to deal with out there.


Frustrated with confusing user interfaces and redundant controls, they decided to start a Managed WordPress Hosting company that would be easy to use, easy on the eyes and helps the user get straight down to business.


So they decided to start working out of their headquarters in Omaha, and the rest, as they say, is history.


How good is Flywheel for you?


Flywheel positions themselves as the go-to web hosting for designers and agencies (gotta give it to them, their own site looks really good).


We gave their servers a shot and put them through our server speed checker, and while their response in America is excellent, they lagged a little in Asia, which brought their rankings down.


However, we were head over heels with their gorgeous custom dashboard, collaboration tools!


Check this post to see how they did compared to other web hosts!


Flywheel is a little pricier than shared web hosts, but with their Black Friday deals, you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase their services if you’ve been thinking about it for awhile.



* Use coupon code FLYDAY19
** Flywheel Black Friday 2019 Deals!



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