HostGator Cloud Review: Lightning Fast & No Downtime?

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HostGator Cloud

Cloud hosting is faster and more reliable than almost any standard host you’ve used in the past.


And while HostGator is a name you might normally associate with budget hosting, their new cloud service is a whole different ball game.


We’ve been running tests on HostGator’s cloud servers for some time now. And what we’re seeing is pretty great. Super fast speeds and (almost) bulletproof uptime.


It won’t cripple your bank balance either. The entry-level package starts at just $10.95 per month (12-month contract). And you can knock off another 30% with our coupon code. That makes it just $7.66 per month.


HostGator Cloud 30% Discount

Simply enter “bitcatcha” at the order page. Learn More.


At a quick glance, here are the best features of HostGator’s new cloud service.


HostGator Cloud Best Features


  1. Speed HostGator’s cloud hosting scored an A+ on Bitcatcha’s speed test. It was particularly fast in the US region. (More on this at the bottom.)
  2. Reliability and uptimeHostGator scored a 100% uptime rating. (Tracked since January 2017.)
  3. Auto-updates and security HostGator Cloud keeps things up to date in the background without you having to worry. It also detects and removes malware automatically.
  4. Scalability If you start experiencing regular high traffic, you can click a button to access more resources. There’s no downtime, no need to switch servers or migrate the site.
  5. Cool dashboard Many hosts still use the ugly and technical cPanel. HostGator offers a slick, easy-to-use dashboard. It’s super easy to tweak things behind the scenes and measure performance.
  6. Cost Starting at $7.66 $10.95, it’s cheaper than most of its cloud competitors.


We’ll dive into each of these factors specifically in a second. But first, if you’re wondering why “cloud hosting” is different to other options, here’s what you need to know.


What is Cloud Hosting?


Cloud hosting is the next level of fast, reliable and affordable hosting.


Why? The simple reason is that cloud hosting doesn’t rely on just one server. It employs hundreds, spreading the load across various servers.


  1. The trouble with shared hosting is that you’re using one server. And you’re sharing that server with countless other websites. If one gets a spike of traffic, it sucks up all the resources, slowing down your performance.
  2. Cloud hosting solves this by using multiple servers. If one server gets overloaded, your host will just flip a switch and change it to another server. So the uptime and performance is almost always better.
  3. It’s flexible. If you suddenly get a spike of traffic and need more resources, you get them automatically. Cloud hosting naturally expands and contracts depending on what resources you need.
  4. It’s cost effective. With a shared host, you pay extra to access the extra resources. With cloud hosting, those extra resources are waiting for you whenever you need them, at no additional cost.
  5. It’s fast. Because cloud hosting tends to eliminate server overloads, it can operate much faster. Cloud hosting will also try to serve your visitors from a location close to them, helping your site load faster no matter where on the planet it is accessed.



Now that you know what cloud hosting is and how it works, let’s jump into the specifics of HostGator’s service.


HostGator Cloud Highlights


The single best thing I can say about HostGator is that you don’t even notice it’s there.


That might sound strange, but it’s the highest praise I can give a web host. A good host is one you don’t even notice. It just quietly keeps your website working. Fast, efficient and smooth.


On the other hand, you know when you’ve got a poor web host, because it is always giving you problems!


HostGator advertise their speed, expanded resources and an intuitive dashboard as their major features. So we put them to the test.


HostGator Cloud Hosted:

We keep track of HostGator Cloud by hosting a WordPress site with them. We paid for our cloud-hosting fee just like any normal customer will do and run testes on it. This website allows us to track the uptime performance and their server response time. Feel free to visit our website hosted on HostGator Cloud.


✔ Speed


You might already know that we’re obsessed with speed here at Bitcatcha. It’s why we created the Bitcatcha server speed checker. The speed of your web host matters more than you think (40% of people will leave your site if it doesn’t load in three seconds).


Luckily, HostGator comes out on top. In our speed tests, the cloud host scored A+. It has a worldwide average of 144 ms server response time, which is way faster than Google’s recommended speed of 200 ms.


HostGator Cloud Server Speed (See full report here)


Why? Partly because cloud hosts are naturally faster as they can spread their load. But HostGator goes a step further too. It uses an integrated caching system and top-notch hardware to ensure it’s lightning fast. You can feel the difference.


✔ Reliability and uptime


If you’re relatively new to web hosting, uptime figures can all look very similar.


Most are above 98% for example, which sounds great. But consider this. 98% uptime means your website could be down for seven days a year. Not good!


We always suggest you look for 99.8% of higher when considering a web host.


That’s why HostGator’s uptime is so impressive. We tested a phenomenal 100% uptime over months using HostGator.


It’s all about peace of mind, knowing your site isn’t going to crash without warning.


✔ Cool dashboard


Most web hosts don’t consider the user experience behind the scenes. They simply use the same ugly cPanel. That’s great if you’re a tech expert and know how to tweak everything from behind the scenes.


But most people just want a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.


HostGator Cloud Customer Portal

(HostGator Cloud Customer Portal)


That’s exactly what you get with HostGator cloud. It looks beautiful, and it’s so simple to use. It tracks your uptime, download speeds, global reach, and various other performance metrics.


You don’t need to know all the technical jargon to understand what’s going on with your site.


✔ Unlimited resources (Almost)


HostGator offers you “unmetered” bandwidth and storage, even on the cheapest plan.


It essentially means you can resources as you need. If you get a spike of traffic, no problem. Some shared host will charge you extra if you go over your allowance. Or worse, your website will just go down.


With HostGator cloud hosting, that won’t happen. You can upload as much content you like, and enjoy as much traffic as you can get.


BUT! Don’t forget to read the smallprint. “Unmetered” doesn’t always mean “unlimited” in the world of web hosting. According to HostGator’s T&Cs you are limited to bandwidth and storage within “the normal operation of a personal or small business website.”


If your website suddenly becomes an internet sensation, you might breach their terms. Having said that, the limits are generous and you’re unlikely to go over. Learn more about their T&Cs.


✔ Good customer service


HostGator runs a 24/7 customer service every day of the year (even Christmas Day).


Their live chat is particularly good and you can usually get through to someone within 15 minutes using this method. If your issue is not solvable over the chat session, the support will assist in opening up a ticket. A higher level engineer will look into it the soonest. I’m also impressed that they list a real phone number to reach them on. (Something that is very hard with some hosts).


It’s nice to know there is a direct phone number if disaster strikes.


Contact HostGator


✔ Extra features


HostGator Cloud also comes with a handful of useful extras. These aren’t going to rock your world, but it’s nice to have. Features include free migrations (great if you’re thinking of switching hosts) and a free SSL certificate (essential if you’re running an online store)


HostGator Cloud Packages


Just like many services, HostGator offers a range of packages depending on your needs. They come in three stages: Hatchling Cloud, Baby Cloud, and Business Cloud.


All packages come with “unmetered” bandwidth and storage, and local caching, but there are a few differences you might want to look at.


The Bitcatcha Discount


I’m pleased to offer Bitcatcha readers a 30% discount on all HostGator Cloud packages. All you have to do is enter the following code when you check out:


30% discount code: bitcatcha


That means you can get cloud hosting for just $7.66 per month (12-month contract).


Note: Sometimes HostGator run their own promotions. When they do, you can often get a better deal without this coupon. Just something to keep an eye on. Learn more here.


HostGator Cloud Plans


Hatchling Cloud

Cost: $7.66*/mo $10.95 – 30% off


If you start experiencing regular high traffic, you can click a button to access more resources. There’s no downtime, no need to switch servers or migrate the site.


Baby Cloud

Cost: $9.76*/mo $13.95 – 30% off


Baby Cloud is the middle (and recommended) option. With this package, you get unlimited domains, so it’s great if you have multiple websites or build websites for your clients. The Baby Cloud gives you 4GB of memory.


Business Cloud

Cost: $13.96*/mo $19.95 – 30% off


Business Cloud is the premium service. Business Cloud comes with all the features of Baby Cloud and Hatchling Cloud, but it also includes 6GB of memory, a dedicated IP and a private SSL.


* Price is based on 12-month contract. Use coupon code “bitcatcha” to get 30% discount. Signup HostGator Cloud.


Any Downsides?


We’ve looked at the various positives of HostGator Cloud, but what about the downsides?


Well, truth is, there aren’t many. But every host has one or two things that aren’t quite perfect. For HostGator Cloud, they are:


“The Catch” – Almost every hosting provider has a “catch.” For HostGator Cloud it’s their “unmetered” bandwidth and storage that isn’t quite unlimited. The good news is, unless you’re using 25% of their resources for more than 90 seconds, you’re okay.


That’s it, really – After using HostGator Cloud for a few months, I’ve yet to come across any other major downsides.


Final Thoughts


HostGator Cloud is super-fast, reliable, and affordable. It’s a chance for website owners to get access to cloud hosting without paying a fortune for it.


With our 30% discount, it might just be the best cloud hosting deal online. For more information, visit



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