Swingvy COVID-19 Response Plan – Free 6 Months HR & Payroll Suite!

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If you’re a small business owner in Malaysia, you might wanna pay extra attention to this blogpost as we’ve got something real interesting for you, amidst all the doom and gloom the daily news feeds us regarding the COVID-19 and MCO.


Now’s a great time to introduce digital services and elevate your business into the digital age as Swingvy, one of our all-time favourite e-Payroll service providers, has just announced their COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan, in an effort to help struggling small business owners get by during these uncertain times.


Swingvy COVID-19 Response Plan – Details


swingvy offer 6 months free in responding to covid19


Times are really hard for those of us running small businesses. Even stimulus packages from the government may not be able to save some small businesses from shutting their doors permanently.


It’s a good thing that Swingvy stepped up and are doing what they can to help small business owners keep their heads above water, by providing their entire HR & Premiums suite for FREE for new users.


It’s none of that basic freemium crap where you have to pay more to access certain features, no. When they say full, they mean full – new users will enjoy Swingvy’s full capabilities such as HR, payroll, leave and claims capabilities entirely free!


There’s no hidden costs involved, no credit card, no contract, no terms – just a good old fashioned free account to help you get through this tough period.


If you think that you don’t need their help or you’re not bothered to sign up, kindly slap yourselves silly for us as we tell you why you’re horribly wrong.


  • Discount: 100% OFF (for 6 months!)
  • Monthly payment (first 6 months): RM0.00
  • Monthly payment (after 6 months): From RM8.50*
  • Start date: 1st APR 2020
  • End date: 30th APR 2020
  • Package: Payroll, HR, Benefits, Claim & Leave
  • Full details Learn more
* Price is based on types of services included and number of employees registered.



* Get familiar with Swingvy all-in-one HR solutions!
** No credit card required.


Why Swingvy’s free 6 months can possibly save your business!


Any business owner knows that payroll is one of the most important parts of running a business.


If you don’t have an efficient payroll system in place, your employees won’t get paid. This triggers a chain of events which will all inevitably lead to your workers leaving, causing a much bigger headache for you.


Many small businesses can’t afford to hire an in house team to run payroll, so they outsource their payroll duties.


These payroll service providers are definitely cheaper than hiring a team to work for you, but they still cost money, which is gonna be a problem especially when you’re running a risk of seeing no cash flow whatsoever.


With Swingy’s 6-month premium offer, you get to try your hand at running payroll by yourself, without the need for extra expenditure.


If you don’t have the time run payroll yourself, or can’t be bothered to learn how to, you can just get your secretary or head of HR to do it. It’s super easy to learn and anyone can learn how to use it in just a day.


We know this, because we’ve tried. Read our detailed review on Swingvy and find out!


Along with their e-Payroll services, you’ll receive full access to their Leave & Claims systems and also their HRIS, so you can manage your entire team’s HR from the convenience of just Swingvy alone.


swingvy has all in one hr solutions


All this for 6 whole months, at absolutely no cost at all.


Payroll continues, your employees stay, you don’t have pay a single cent – your business just might be saved!



* Get familiar with Swingvy all-in-one HR solutions!
** No credit card required.


What happens after 6 months?


After the madness has subsided and the world slowly returns to normal, what happens to your Swingvy account?


Pretty sure that’s what most people are worried about.


Well, good news – there are no terms attached to Swingvy’s free 6-month offer!


You are not required to pay anything and you don’t need to provide your credit card details. You can easily cancel the account if you feel it brings you no benefit.


If you feel that the service benefits your company and you’re happy with it, you can continue using the service by paying for it.


COVID-19 Is Bringing Our Economy To Its Knees


We’re just 4 months into 2020 and we already feel like we’ve been hit by a truck.


COVID-19 has brought our society and economy to its knees, and we’ve got half-witted ministers in the government spewing rubbish, asking the public to drink warm water to kill coronavirus and asking women to talk like Doraemon to avoid arguments with their husbands.


The Movement Restriction Order has not been easy on many small businesses, with many unable to cope with the loss of cashflow.


As we enter the second phase of the MCO, most businesses will go through increased hardship as restrictions get tighter.


malaysia movement control order due to covid19


In short, the economy is teetering on the edge of a huge recession and it’s basically the end of the world.


There’s always a silver lining!


Amidst all this economical and social madness, companies are starting to realise that the only way we can overcome this disaster is through selfless acts of kindness towards one another.


Companies are starting to give back to the communities in the hopes of keeping the economy going and to help us we are effectively all under house arrest.


The ever-popular Foodpanda is stepping up by offering free & contactless deliveries in an effort to help independent restaurant owners keep their heads above water, while banks are doing their bit by waiving compounding interest on the 6-month moratorium on its mortgages and loans.


Conclusion: Sign Up For Swingvy’s Offer While You Can!


Swingvy’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan is what they’re doing to help small businesses.


With 6 whole months of premium HR / e-Payroll service with a total value of RM1,200 (if you’ve got 10 employees) available for new users for free, we strongly encourage you to sign up for it while it’s still available.


Even if you feel like you don’t need the help, there’s no better time than now to schedule a demo with Swingvy and experience what it’s like to adopt e-Services for your business.


Until next time, stay home and stay safe!



* Get familiar with Swingvy all-in-one HR solutions!
** No credit card required.



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