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GoDaddy Review: 7 Pros and 3 Cons (Excellent UX, Speed, and Support!)


GoDaddy is a decent web hosting provider. Their huge presence in the web hosting market means they’re quite reliable, and their support team is one of the best and quickest we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. However, they don’t seem to provide as much value as the competition. Learn more.

To be honest, we didn’t really want or need to write this web hosting review.

I mean, everyone who’s not a complete neanderthal would have heard, or have some sort of experience with the GoDaddy brand by now. Seriously, go ask the densest, most ignorant person you know about GoDaddy.

It’ll sound at least vaguely familiar to them.

Compared to GoDaddy, we’re a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty ant, whose opinions are like a baby’s farts – slightly unpleasant, but easily dispersed with a few waves of the hand.

The thing is, we feel that we have a duty to our readers. After all, our mission is to empower small businesses, and we’re pretty sure small business owners would like to know how GoDaddy’s actual web hosting service performs against the competition.

Since the proof is in the pudding, we’ve gone and gotten ourselves a GoDaddy account and built a test site, so we can perform experiments and get a feel of how it’s like to use their services first hand.

What we discovered just might shock you!

But before we get to the meat & potatoes of this review, here’s a little history lesson on how the web hosting giant became what it is today.

The big daddy of web hosting

Honestly, we hate the name GoDaddy. It sounds weird and it has the word… daddy in it.

godaddy web hosting

Perhaps they’re named quite aptly, because the web hosting behemoth is undeniably one of the most successful ones in the industry.

Founded in 1997 by a very wealthy Bob Parsons, GoDaddy was initially named Jomax Technologies.

In 1999, they decided that a rebranding was due for the company and decided on the worst name ever – they wanted to call themselves BigDaddy. Fortunately, the domain for that gag-inducing name was taken so they went for the next best thing – GoDaddy.

Giving themselves such a name turned out to be a good thing, because GoDaddy blew up in popularity and currently boasts over 21 million customers around the world.

A company that large will obviously need the manpower to run it, and GoDaddy currently provides over 7,000 people around the world with a steady income, out of which, 2,900 of them are dedicated support staff.

In 2013, GoDaddy became the largest I-CANN accredited domain registrar in the world. They also went on to purchase Neustar’s domain name registry service, and will be changing their domain registration business to be called GoDaddy Registry.

On the web hosting front, GoDaddy is simply killing it. They’ve got the largest piece of the pie in terms of market share with 62 million domains hosted, and has become the web hosting giant to beat.

The thing is, no one really knows if GoDaddy’s web hosting service is so successful because they’re actually better than the competition, or if they just got lucky because they’re… popular?

Well, we rolled up our sleeves, got our hands dirty and tried out every single feature in their list of benefits just so we can provide you with a detailed review of our experience.

Without further ado, let’s get ready to rumble.

7 Pros to hosting with GoDaddy

1. Setting up is easy – get online in under 1 hour!

The one thing GoDaddy got right is that they understand what their users want – which is to create a website as soon as they possibly can, instead of hanging out at the dashboard not knowing or understanding what to do next.

godaddy dashboard is simple and intuitive
GoDaddy’s UI – everything is intuitive and easily accessible through the dashboard.

So, GoDaddy obviously hired a UX team that made the user experience so user friendly, anyone can create a website without the need for much help.

They made it so that the user goes straight from signing up, to setting up their website in a seamless process, guiding the user step-by-step so that no one feels confused or at a loss of what to do.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, GoDaddy prompts you to create a domain name.

godaddy prompts to create a domain name for free

Sort that out, and they’ll ask you to pick a data center. Make sure to pick one that’s closest to your target audience!

godaddy has 3 data center at us europe asia

Once your data center is selected, GoDaddy will ask if you want to install WordPress – since we like how easy WordPress is to use, obviously we’ll follow instructions like a good little boy scout.

godaddy prompts to install wordpress

When you’re done filling up all the necessary details, they’ll notify you that onboarding has been successfully completed and that WordPress is installed. You’ll be presented with a big ‘ol button to access your dashboard, where you’ll find access to all the necessary controls.

godaddy lets you build website under an hour

Access WordPress from your Dashboard, and you can move on to customizing your site.

That’s literally it. No need to waste time, getting lost and confused figuring out how to install WordPress. They’ve made 1-click install even simpler by offering it as an option in their onboarding process.

Quite a stroke of genius I must say.

In short, GoDaddy makes it so that users can get their websites up and running in as little time as possible. They leave no space for confusion whatsoever when it comes to setup, as everything is designed to be intuitive for the user.

The company actually claims that you can “get online under an hour”, and from our experience, they can actually back this up!

2. GoDaddy is FAST!

This wouldn’t be a Bitcatcha review without our usual server response time test, so we put our GoDaddy test site through our Server Speed Checker, and boy were we impressed.

US (W)US (E)LondonSingaporeSão Paulo
167 ms
218 ms
197 ms
10 ms
337 ms
111 ms
182 ms
7 ms
245 ms
173 ms

Singapore Datacenter Average Speed: 171.1 ms
(See full resultVisit test site)

GoDaddy ranked an impressive 171.1 ms in our global average test, making them a really fast A+ ranked web hosting provider!

Since the data center is located in Singapore, the test site tested very well with countries closest to them, even all the way in Bangalore at 111 ms.

From locations further away like the USA, the West side received pings of 167 ms, which is still pretty decent while the East side felt a little sluggish at 218ms.

Speaking of sluggish, response times were really poor in São Paulo at 337 ms, but that’s to be expected since the data center we picked isn’t exactly near.

Speaking of data centers…

3. Data centers in 3 major regions!

GoDaddy has 3 data centers in 3 continents, namely Europe, America, and Asia.

They’ve also got plans to build a data center in India just to serve that particular market, which provides a nice coverage for audiences around the world.

If you could so kindly refer to the speed test results, you’ll notice that the response times for São Paulo and Canada are pretty… sloth-like.

If that’s a concern for you, let us allay your fears – our test site is hosted with GoDaddy’s Asian data center, which is considerably further from those locations, hence the relaxed response times.

If your target audiences are in those locations, all you have to do is just to select a data center closer to them, like the one in North America. The closer your server is to your audience, the quicker your site will load for them.

Do keep in mind that you can’t have your cake and eat it. You can’t please everyone from everywhere, as response times will always be a little sluggish for audiences further away.

The best thing you can do is to decide where the majority of your audience resides, and pick a server nearby.

If it’s too late and you’ve already picked a data center that’s not ideal, fret not – GoDaddy offers 1 free data center migration.

godaddy offer data center migration

This means you’ll be able to move your website over to a server of your choice, completely free of charge!

4. Really responsive 24/7 support

One of the things that really piss me off when it comes to services like these, is when their support team is made up of a bunch of lackadaisical donkeys.

What we mean by that is, we really hate it when we have to wait more than 15 minutes to connect to a live chat agent.

Here’s looking at you, A2 Hosting.

Anyway, we typically only reach out to support when something goes wrong, and in situations like these, the problem needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.

It’s really frustrating to wait an eternity to connect to a live chat agent. It’s even worse when that said agent takes their sweet time attending to your concerns.

GoDaddy boasts an award-winning, responsive support team and in all honesty, they actually live up to the hype.

godaddy live chat support is available all day

Our live chat times wait times never lasted more than 2 minutes long, and the support agents we communicated with were patient, knowledgeable and skilled in solving problems.

Best part is, they provide support in 15 whoopin’ languages, covering the most commonly spoken languages in the world to ease communications and cut down frustrations stemming from language misunderstandings.

5. GoDaddy is PHP7.4 ready!

If you haven’t realized by now, we’re kinda obsessed with site load speed, and we’ve got a very good reason to be.

As mentioned in the research of “Google/SOASTA Research” on 2017 , shoppers will bounce off your site if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for it to load.

That’s a huge loss of potential sales, which sucks especially if it’s due to something that’s within our control.

We’re happy to see that GoDaddy is ready for PHP7.4, because it significantly boosts performance, which directly affects site load speed!

GoDaddy’s dedication to PHP is quite reassuring, as it means they’re actively getting their servers ready for new PHP versions; the next major update is PHP8 and it’s rumoured to provide a MASSIVE speed boost.

You can bet your ass GoDaddy will have their servers ready for the update in no time at all!

6. 99.9% uptime guaranteed!

We mentioned that shoppers just don’t give a damn and will bounce off your site if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds, which obviously will cost you in terms of sales.

That’s pretty bad, but not as bad as having your site consistently down due to server downtime – people lose trust in your site, you look unprofessional, and you lose out ALL the sales you’ll get if your site wasn’t down.

Worse part is, search engines might even give up ranking your site, which causes a whole lotta long term hurt.

This is why we’re pretty happy to see that GoDaddy has a 99.9% uptime guarantee! It basically promises that your site won’t go down due to server downtimes (planned maintenance downtimes don’t count), or they’ll reimburse you for it.

godaddy hosting guarantees uptime of 99.9%

Have a look at their service uptime guarantee clause – looks like GoDaddy has the gonads to walk their talk!


Uptime since August 2020

* This counter is constantly self-updating

To ensure that we get our money’s worth in uptime, we’ve been tracking their uptime on our test site via UptimeRobot and so far, we’re still above 99.9%.

Needless to say we’re pretty happy about this.

7. Free domain, Office 365 Email, webmail, and more!

Of course we like freebies, because who doesn’t?

GoDaddy’s shared web hosting plans come with plenty of complimentary benefits and perks, making us giddy with excitement.

We’re looking at 125+ free applications with Installatron, free security features (we’re talking fraud, virus and spam protection), Office 365 Email, free webmail, SSH access, and unmetered bandwidth allocated for your monthly usage.

The one freebie we really found to really make a difference is GoDaddy’s free domain, available for all shared hosting customers.

Domain names can range from a few bucks to hundreds of thousands a year, so having GoDaddy provide one for us for free made us feel less burdened with everything we had to pay for.

Do note though, the domain name is only free for the first year. You’ll need to pay the regular price for it from the 2nd year onwards.

  • Price includes free domain & Office 365 Email!
  • With 24/7 phone and live chat support.
Get GoDaddy @ 33% OFF (from RM30/mo)

3 Disadvantages of using GoDaddy

Looks like it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with GoDaddy’s servers, because we found 3 very distinct cons that we’re not too happy about.

1. No software speedboost

Most respectable web hosting providers know that server response time is of utmost importance, so they engineered software solutions to boost site load speed.

SiteGround’s SuperCacher is one good example of this.

Aside from compatibility with PHP7.4, GoDaddy has no software or setups that increase loading speed, and that is quite a bit of a disappointment to us.

2. Not a lot of functional freebies

Yes, we mentioned their freebies as one of the pros above, we know that.

The thing is, those freebies, felt superficial at best.

Pretty sure GoDaddy, being on top of the food chain as they are, can afford to provide free SSL, more websites, and free daily backups as part of their arsenal of features.

I mean if Hostinger can do it for just RM1.00 a month, GoDaddy really doesn’t have an excuse not to.

3. Renewal surprises

GoDaddy’s entry-level Economy plan will cost the first-timer only RM35 a month, based on a 12-month contract.

However, most people suffer from discount goggles and don’t realize that the onboarding price won’t last forever, giving them a minor heart attack when presented with the renewal bill.

Basically, the onboarding prices are 29% off the actual price, so you’ll be paying RM45 a month upon renewal.

Here’s a little pro-tip for you – If you want to enjoy lower onboarding price for a longer time, sign up for their 36-month contract.

You’ll be paying 33% off their actual prices, so that’s only RM30 a month for 36 months. Once the contract period is over, you can always migrate over to other web hosting providers.

GoDaddy Plans and Pricing

1. Shared hosting

Unlimited SSD
Unlimited SSD
Free domain
Free SSL
Premium DNS
Price /mo*
Learn More

* Prices shown are based on a 36-month subscription rate.

The Economy plan is best suited for small or personal sites. If you’re expecting heavy traffic or if you’re managing multiple sites, you’d be better off picking the Deluxe plan.

If you’re planning on setting up an ecommerce site involving transactions and/or sensitive information, the Ultimate plan would be better suited for your needs as it comes with premium DNS, free SSL and twice the performance!

2. Business hosting

For those of you looking to start bigger ecommerce, high traffic or resource-heavy websites, you’re gonna need some muscle. Luckily, GoDaddy has its business hosting plans to cater to your needs.

Unlike Shared Hosting, the Business Hosting user gets all the resources all to themselves. They won’t have to worry about rogue users stalling the entire server, or stress about their own websites causing slowdowns for others.

Prices for their Business Hosting plans start from RM100 all the way to RM300 a month.

3. Reseller hosting

Looking to start your own web hosting business?

You’ll probably have to take out a huge loan that your grandchildren will never be able to pay off, just to build your data centers.

That is, unless you do the smart thing and use one of GoDaddy’s Reseller Hosting plans.

You’ll receive the tools to control pricing, payment options, invoicing, and to manage support tickets while GoDaddy takes care of everything else.

Their plans start from RM200 – RM450 a month.

How does GoDaddy perform against the competition?

We all know by now that GoDaddy is the king of the ring in terms of market share, but let’s have a look at how they actually perform when pitted against some of the smaller competition.

GoDaddy VS SiteGround

Based on our server response time test, SiteGround’s servers beat GoDaddy’s by a whopping 11.2 ms!

GoDaddy EconomySiteGround GrowBig
Server Location
US (W)
167 ms
211 ms
US (E)
218 ms
215 ms
183 ms
180 ms
197 ms
3 ms
Sao Paulo
10 ms
351 ms
337 ms
66 ms
111 ms
95 ms
182 ms
70 ms
71 ms
240 ms
245 ms
168 ms
Worldwide Average
171.1 ms
159.9 ms
Full Results

It might not seem like much but in a world where speed is key for sales/conversions, every single millisecond makes a difference.

We believe that this is due to SiteGround’s software configurations like their SuperCacher and NGINX setup. These might seem like little enhancements, but it makes a big difference to site load speeds.

When it comes to data centers, it seems that both are equal as both companies have servers located in Asia, Europe and America.

However, GoDaddy’s only got 3 data centers vs SiteGround’s 6 data centers across 4 continents. Obviously, SiteGround has the advantage of better coverage, hence better for people targeting audiences worldwide!

Also, SiteGround recently migrated their servers to leverage off Google’s Cloud Platform, which would give them an edge in terms of speed.

SiteGround may cost slightly more than GoDaddy, but we personally feel that it’s worth it for more speed-enhancing features and wider data center coverage.

Head over to our complete SiteGround review to learn more!

GoDaddy VS Hostinger

Performance-wise, GoDaddy and Hostinger are neck and neck in terms of speed, with the former’s global average at 171.1 ms vs the latter’s 175.8 ms.

Regardless, both are very speedy, scoring an A+ in our server speed benchmarks.

Both companies have reliable and responsive support teams, able to help their customers in multiple languages.

In terms of features, Hostinger has quite a few perks that makes them quite a bit more desirable compared to GoDaddy.

Let’s have a look at them side by side so you’ll have a better idea of what we’re talking about.

Premium Shared
Free domain
Free SSL
Weekly backup
Speed boost
LiteSpeed Cache
Price /mo*
Learn More

* Prices shown are based on the lowest rate available for specified plan from each web host.

If you’re thinking that we’re comparing apples to oranges because we’re pitting GoDaddy’s Economy plan against Hostinger’s Premium Shared plan, you’re actually right. It is an unfair comparison.

However, we have good reason to do so – Hostinger’s introductory price is only RM15 a month for their Premium Shared plan vs GoDaddy’s RM30 for their Economy plan.

In short, Hostinger’s Premium Shared plan is much cheaper than GoDaddy’s entry level plan. Of course comparisons are gonna be made.

Doesn’t take a genius to figure out which actually provides better value.

Find out more in our in-depth Hostinger review!

Verdict: GoDaddy is decent, but you’ve got better options!

If you’re dead set on using GoDaddy as your web host of choice, it’s perfectly fine.

They make a perfectly good web host, with fast speeds, decent features, a fantastic support team, an uptime guarantee and a free domain.

For all intents and purposes, their web hosting services work well enough, and your website will have no problem whatsoever with them. The only thing is that they don’t seem to provide as much as the competition in terms of value and features.

They beat SiteGround in price, but they do not have any speed-enhancing software or special optimized configurations leaving them lacking in that department.

Compared to Hostinger, GoDaddy is just a smidge faster. However, Hostinger seems to be really generous in terms of perks, and their superb introductory prices are really quite something.

To put things in perspective, why would you pay RM30 for a regular Cheeseburger when you can pay slightly more to get a Double Cheeseburger, or pay much less to get a value meal consisting of a Cheeseburger with fries and a drink?

However, credit where credit is due – GoDaddy still runs cPanel, even though cPanel’s price increases are so high, most companies have decided to bail on them.

If you’re fond of cPanel and not willing to change, then GoDaddy might just be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for more value or more features, best look somewhere else.

Peace out.

  • Fantastic speed
  • Data centers in 3 regions
  • 99.9% uptime guar.
  • Free domain
  • 24/7 support
  • cPanel
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Prestashop
  • Small-medium website
  • Business website
  • Price includes free domain & Office 365 Email!
  • With 24/7 phone and live chat support.
Get GoDaddy @ 33% OFF (from RM30/mo)
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Overall Uptime


Overall Rating

rated 3 out of 5rated 3 out of 5rated 3 out of 5rated 3 out of 5rated 3 out of 5

Server Response Time

US (W)
167 ms
197 ms
7 ms
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  • Price based on 36mo sub