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ServerFreak Review: Backed with Server Speed Data and Uptime Data

Our Thoughts on ServerFreak

In our quest to bring you the most comprehensive web hosting options in the Southeastern Asia region, we have to include ServerFreak. This Malaysian web host is one you will probably want to check out and see if the features and speed of its plans fits well with your online needs.

ServerFreak Technologies – Founded Since 2003 In Malaysia

serverfreak web hosting

You may be surprised to note that this company has been in business since 2003. They have since become known as one of the fastest growing web hosts in Malaysia.

Their purpose was to fill a hole in the market for affordable hosting with easy-to-use features and a high-tech datacenter in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Not only do many of their customers (“excellent from the word go” and “among the best servers in Malaysia”) agree that ServerFreak is a good choice for them, Web Hosting Search named the company as one of the Top Pick Web Hosts in 2011.

Top Notch Technology – 3 Malaysia And 2 US Datacenters

Of course, a reliable and speedy server is at the core of good web hosting. ServerFreak offers this by using multiple backbone providers as well as datacenters that avoid a single point of connectivity failure and are properly maintained with security, protection, air conditioning and ventilation to keep their servers humming.

There are actually five datacenters that ServerFreak uses; three are located in Malaysia and two are in the United States. All of them use Dual Core Xeon or Quad Core Xeon servers to provide reliable hosting and all are fully owned and managed by ServerFreak.

They are so confident in the reliability of their servers that they offer a 99 percent uptime guarantee with all hosting plans.

What Can Server Freak Offer Me?

For one thing, you can try out ServerFreak’s hosting for one full month before deciding whether or not this service works for you. At the end of 30 days, you are entitled to a refund of your hosting package fees.

For another thing, ServerFreak’s customer support team will transfer your existing site’s data for free. For any other issues, questions or support, you can reach their help desk 24/7/365 – although there is no direct way to contact them; options are limited to an online ticket or email request only.

One feature that we really like is that there are several control panel options. Choose from the always-popular cPanel, or opt for DirectAdmin or HSphere. Whichever you are most comfortable using is the one you can incorporate in your web hosting package.

Whether it’s hosting for a blog, an ecommerce site, dedicated server, VPS or cloud, ServerFreak offers a great array of choices. And they are a full-service web host, providing domain name registration, SSL certificates, WhoIs protection, antispam, WhoIs protection and other essential components for your online presence.

Conclusions: Should I Host My Site with ServerFreak?

As with any web hosting service, the most important features include reliability, speed, customer support and scalability. While ServerFreak can meet all these needs, they might not be the best choice if you are targeting global audiences. For instance, there are other web hosts with servers that deliver your content more quickly, even if you are located in Southeast Asia. However, if you live in Malaysia and want to source your hosting locally, it may be worth giving ServerFreak a try.

What Others Say About ServerFreak


Serverfreak customer service is 5 star. I contacted them few times regarding technical assistance & they replied in less than 30 minutes. The last one I remember was I sent a support ticket about 12am ++ & the person replied within 10 minutes & 7am again ++ & the person still replied in 10 minutes They are also polite, unlike some other hosting that I’ve used where they are so rude as if we owe them something.


Nor Farhana

Receive prompt reply from Technical supports team each and every time. This is what I really need from web host provider! Keep up the good work!



@ServerFreak replies unbelievably fast for support ticket, unlike some with autoresponder bs!



Kudos to @ServerFreak support team for the prompt reply. 😀



Saya menggunakan perkhidmatan @ServerFreak sejak dari tahun 2005 lagi. Setakat ini tidak pernah mengecewakan



@ServerFreak has the best tech support ever. I think I don’t ever need programmer anymore with their responsive help!

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