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Shinjiru Review: See Their Server Speed & Uptime Data

Our Thoughts on Shinjiru

In reviewing the web hosting companies located in Malaysia, we had to include Shinjiru. It’s one of the oldest and most established in Southeastern Asia but that doesn’t always equate to excellence. Find out what they offer and what makes them stand out from the rest in this review.

The Shinjiru Web Hosting Company

Shinjiru makes a point of stating that they offer “offshore hosting” from eight locations. Although they are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, they maintain datacenters worldwide (Europe, Russia and offshore) with the number of locations increasing at a steady pace. So, even if you are based in Southeast Asia with a global customer base, you are sure to find a datacenter near the location of your visitors.

shinjiru web hosting

They have been in business since the year 1998 in Malaysia. While the local Shinjiru was established in 1998, the international chapter was established 2 years later in 2000. so they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, 2018. Being arguably the oldest web hosting provider in Malaysia, Shinjiru can chalk up many industry firsts in their locale, namely ISO9001: certification and Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting provider. This web host is affiliated with numerous high-quality, well-known partners across the globe.

Protection and privacy seem to be the main concerns of Shinjiru, whether that’s the privacy of their clients, domains and data or steps to prevent DDoS attacks on their servers and sites. They are accredited as an ISO9001:2008 business which means that they use international standards of Quality Management Systems.

Technology and Reliability

Shinjiru claims 99.99 percent uptime for their Service Level Agreements. That’s pretty bold, but they claim it is due to their high-quality hardware, an infrastructure that provides a highly scalable and very advanced network and the superior resources to manage and protect it all.

If you need more evidence of the technology used in their infrastructure, consider that Shinjiru uses 100 percent, optimal bandwidth utilization for clean traffic to each customer’s website, real-time network monitoring against attacks and malicious traffic and a clean pipe network to eliminate spam, malware and viruses on the hardware side of things.

What’s Different About Shinjiru

This is the first web host we’ve run across to offer “Bitcoin hosting.” This is in addition to the standard types of plans, such as VPS, email, dedicated server and shared hosting as well as domain name registration. Bitcoin hosting allows you to pay for your hosting account anonymously, using Bitcoins instead of a credit card, further protecting the security of your identity. The server options for this plan include shared hosting, a dedicated server or VPS.

When it comes to customer support, only experienced engineers answer your calls for distress, not just lower-level employees.

You have your choice of just about any Operating System you could ever want, including Debian, SUSE, Windows, CENTOS, UBUNTU and more. Most are free, after an initial setup fee, but some are available for an additional monthly rate. The same is true for the variety of Control Panel choices, although none of them are offered for free. That’s definitely unusual – and certainly adds more to the monthly cost of your hosting plan that what you see quoted online.

The Lowdown on Shinjiru

Although they claim to offer ultimate reliability for their hosting plans, this can’t be verified. Indeed, some of their customers are super happy about hosting from Shinjiru while others lament undue downtime for their sites.

Although they are perhaps the oldest web hosting company in Malaysia and utilize a lot of the latest technology in their datacenters, this doesn’t necessarily make them the fastest. We found that in testing the speed of their servers to respond to requests from around the world, their score was just above average.

What Others Say About Shinjiru

Lim U-Chyung

no one does better customer service than shinjiru.. your customer service guys are so good they deserve a raise! and fat bonuses!



The hosting is just okay. Their features are comparable to big brands but what I like about them is that they accept Bitcoin.

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rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5