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The 8 Best Courier Services in Malaysia (& Use Case Recommendation)

best courier services

Courier services can fast-track the success of any eCommerce business. The right courier service helps products reach your customer’s doorstep – quickly, safely and affordably!

With lots of courier services to choose from in Malaysia, selecting the best one for your eCommerce venture depends on your needs and situation.

Today, we’re looking at the top 8 courier services in Malaysia. I’ve broken them down according to their strengths and offerings, so you can decide which is best for you!

Top 8 Courier Service Providers In Malaysia

  1. Pos Laju – Best for easy access all across Malaysia
  2. Ninja Van – Best for all-you-can-fit prepaid packaging
  3. GDEX – Best for meeting specialised delivery requirements
  4. DHL – Best for shipping large items
  5. City-Link Express – Best for E-fulfillment services
  6. Skynet – Best for Flexible timing for drop-off and delivery service
  7. J&T Express – Every day shipping service
  8. Janio – Best for Shipping to Singapore

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While there are more courier services available in Malaysia, here are the top 8 to look out for and what they’re best for:

1. Pos Laju

poslaju logo

When it comes to delivery services, the first brand that comes to mind for most Malaysians is POS Laju. No wonder – POS Laju was officially formed in 1992, but is a part of POS Malaysia, which has been around for over 200 years!

Thanks to this, POS Laju has the widest coverage out of all the couriers on the list – with over 1000 outlets! It’s present in 80% of populated areas within Malaysia.

For eCommerce sellers, POS Laju has a SendParcel service with 8 package plans to choose from, with competitive rates and benefits. This service also gives you free bonus credits and free flyers each time you top-up (but do read the T&Cs to check how you will get this).

  • Service Area As mentioned, they have the widest coverage in Malaysia – so they deliver to both East and West Malaysia. They also currently offer express mail service (EMS) to 56 countries.
  • Posting Parcels With POS Laju’s wide coverage, you’re able to drop off your parcels anywhere across their 1000 drop off locations – from Pos Malaysia branches, Ezibox Parcel Lockers or 7-Eleven outlets!

    SendParcel users also have access to the ‘Bulk Shipment’ feature that lets you create up to 100 shipping orders. Combined with their e-Consignment notes (where you don’t have to print out a consignment note), they should make shipping much easier and save time.

    You can also easily schedule pick ups for your items so you don’t have to drop them off yourself, though, according to their FAQ, you cannot specify a pick up time. Drop off is a lot more flexible timing-wise, as you can drop off your packages on the same day you book your delivery.

Pos Laju Shipping Options & Rates

For domestic delivery with POS Laju, their shipping comes in 3 categories; prepaid, express, and economy.

  • Prepaid Purchase boxes and envelopes of various sizes and weight limits.
  • Express Items will be delivered within the next day.
  • Economy Most affordable shipping option. You can track and choose to deliver either by surface or air.

eCommerce sellers can opt for bulk shipping through the SendParcel platform. It promises even better rates too!

POS Laju offers a flat-rate for prepaid packaging, with prices as low as RM2 for XS size prepaid boxes and envelopes.

For their economy delivery, the rate starts from RM7 for parcels up to 2kg.

SendParcel users can get even better delivery rates during promotion periods. For example, they had a promotion called “Pos Laju SendParcel RM5 for 5 kg Promo” where the rate is RM5 for the first 5kg for deliveries within their listed Zone 1, 2, & 3 areas.

Pros & Cons of Pos Laju

  • Widest coverage in Malaysia
  • Affordable domestic delivery rates
  • Easily accessible from across the country
  • SendParcel customers can collect credit and get better delivery rates during promotion periods
  • You can’t choose the timing for pickup, only the day

For more information, visit Pos Laju official website to learn more.

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2. Ninja Van

ninjavan logo

Launched in 2014, Ninja Van first started operations in Singapore and has now become the region’s largest and fastest growing last-mile logistics company. They currently have a network covering 6 countries across Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

They’re especially well known for their eCommerce deliveries, where their shipping promises to be flexible and adaptable.

You can buy prepaid packaging to enjoy flat-rate shipping, arrange for your customers to opt for self-collection at any of their Ninja Points, and even arrange for on-demand pickups for parcels you want to ship.

  • Service Area Ninja Van covers mainly West Malaysia, with the exception of two islands; Pangkor Island and Redang Island. Unfortunately, they do not deliver to East Malaysia at all. For more information, you can check their website.
  • Posting Parcels Ninja Van only accepts parcels via their drop off points, so there is unfortunately no pick up option. Items dropped off before 12pm will be collected on the day itself.

Ninja Van Shipping Options & Rates

Ninja Van is well known for their Ninja Packs; prepaid packaging that you can purchase at various sizes with no weight limits. So as long as the items fit within the size you bought, there are no issues.

There are also 2 prepaid packaging options to look out for; regular and padded. You can also purchase additional labels like fragile stickers.

However – they aren’t great for large items. If you want to deliver items bigger than the sizes available from their prepaid packaging, unfortunately, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Their prepaid packaging starts with a price of RM5.60 for their regular XS size (though you’ll need to buy it in bulk of 5+ to get it at that price). Their padded version of the same type starts at RM6.90 for the XS size.

Pros & Cons of Ninja Van

  • All-you-can-fit Ninja Packs
  • No printing of consignment required
  • Best rates in terms of prepaid options
  • The all you can fit Ninja Packs is great due to the no weight limit
  • No fast delivery
  • No pick up available
  • No delivery to East Malaysia
  • Can only deliver items within NinjaPacks

For more information, visit Ninja Van official website to learn more.

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gdex logo

GD Express (GDEX) was first established in 1997 in Malaysia to provide express delivery services for both the domestic and international markets. They have grown steadily since then with a current network of 410 stations throughout Peninsular and East Malaysia.

For eCommerce sellers, they have a myGDEX service that is geared more towards accessing GDEX delivery service through their own portal that can also be integrated into various online stores like WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and more!

  • Service Area They deliver to both East and West Malaysia, and handle international delivery as well.
  • Posting Parcels They can arrange to pick up your packages, or you can drop off your packages at any of their 300+ locations around Malaysia.

GDEX Shipping Options & Rates

GDEX has 2 main operating segments; Express Delivery and Logistics.

Their Domestic Express Carrier service covers shipping services like next day delivery service, or same day delivery service (SDD), which they are well known for.

They even offer late pick-up service, and early delivery services, which all fall under their fast delivery service in various ways.

They also offer some more harder-to-find delivery services:

  • They do door to door delivery of heavy and bulk shipments within Malaysia at economical rates.
  • They’re one of the few couriers to do diplomatic service, a premium service for customers with particular urgent requests on the same day.
  • There’s EVEN the reverse charge service, where customers make a special request for GDEX to pick up their shipment from a third party and deliver it back to the shipper.

In terms of prepaid, there’s an option where you can purchase a sturdy cardboard box with a 3kg and 10kg limit too.

For myGDEX users, you can order supplies and easily create up to 100 consignment notes simultaneously through the platform.

Their normal parcel delivery rates start from RM8 within West Malaysia for items less than 1kg. You can estimate charges by using their own package calculator on their website.

Their prepaid options for parcels at 3kg start at RM16.96. They also have a flexible shipping prepaid plan called Premium Plus that gives you the freedom to add on weight options later on and more starting at RM11.66 for 1kg.

For myGDEX users, you can get great shipping rates during the promotion period. A recent example is sending parcels for as low as RM5 within West Malaysia, and RM11.85 for deliveries to East Malaysia from West Malaysia.

Pros & Cons of GDEX

  • Their fast delivery
  • Plenty of specialised delivery options should you need it
  • They have many specialised delivery services like diplomatic, reverse charge, late pick-up service, and early delivery services.
  • Their prepaid options are expensive
  • Their delivery rates are also expensive (if no promotion available)

For more information, visit GDEX official website to learn more.

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4. DHL

dhl logo

DHL was founded in 1969 in San Francisco, USA. They’re currently the world’s leading logistics company and one of the most established courier services. They have 400,000 people in over 220 countries and territories, so you can be rest assured if you’re keen to deliver internationally.

They’re well known for their freight shipping, be it via air, ocean, road or rail.

eCommerce sellers can check out on the website to keep track of your deliveries and to schedule pick ups. They also offer warehousing solutions for both small and medium businesses, and even enterprises.

  • Service Area They deliver to both East and West Malaysia, and handle international delivery as well.
  • Posting Parcels They accept pick up for your packages, and you can drop off your packages at their DHL ServicePoints.

DHL Shipping Options & Rates

DHL have Express and Parcel shipping options for parcels and documents, with Express being able to deliver your item within the next possible business day.

What stands out is that they have the most options when it comes to their own packaging with 9 types of boxes including bottle boxes, tubes, envelopes and flyers. There’seven a DHL Jumbo Box should you want to deliver items that weigh up to 30kg!

DHL charges shipping by the weight and dimension of the product, so it’s really important to get these numbers accurate. If you were to key in the wrong information, there will be additional charges.

Their lowest delivery rate for XXS items start at RM7.90 for West Malaysia, and RM15 for East Malaysia.

You can get a calculated quotation via their website for more details.

Pros & Cons of DHL

  • Unique packaging options to consider
  • They have the most extensive international network with over 220 countries
  • They’re equipped with all the tools and vehicles needed to handle large items
  • They’re specialised in handling big items and doing international freight delivery
  • No prepaid package options
  • Delivery charges depend mainly on weight and dimension of the package

For more information, visit DHL official website to learn more.

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5. City-Link Express

citylink express logo

City-Link is another local courier service in Malaysia that was founded by Dato David Tan back in 1979. Since their establishment, they have since expanded beyond the Malaysian seas and into Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam, among others.

They’re also equipped with an e-fulfillment & warehousing solutions that offers courier & delivery services among others that are perfect for eCommerce sellers.

  • Service Area They deliver to both East and West Malaysia, and can handle international delivery as well.
  • Posting Parcels Courier pick-up and parcel drop off is available.

City-Link Shipping Options & Rates

Just like GDEX, City-Link also does some special delivery services:

  • Reverse collection
  • Same day delivery services
  • International express delivery

You can even choose to use air & sea freight for your delivery.

They do have prepaid options though this doesn’t include the package, just the document. If you do need to get packages, they do provide their own plastic, box, luggage or packing with plastic wrap that you have to order separately.

For eCommerce sellers, you can utilise their e-fulfillment service where you can keep your products in their warehouse and they will deliver the product for you.

City-Link provides prepaid documents, with the lowest being at RM6.15 for 1kg for deliveries within West Malaysia, though you will need to buy it in batches of 10. For deliveries to East Malaysia, it’s RM7.50 for 1kg.

As for normal shipping, CityLink uses a volumetric weight to determine the cost of shipping. You can get a calculated quotation via their website for more details.

Pros & Cons of Citylink

  • They have an e-fulfillment center
  • Special delivery services available
  • In-house e-fulfillment and warehouse center
  • No app tracking
  • Delivery charges depend mainly on weight and dimension of the package
  • Prepaid options don’t include packaging which need to be bought separately

For more information, visit City-link official website to learn more.

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6. Skynet Express

skynet logo

Skynet is one of the leading local carrier companies in Malaysia that was established officially in 1992. They provide domestic and international carrier services with more than 80 stations in country.

They’ve also got a warehouse that you can utilize. This warehouse even has a temperature controlled area of 5,000 square feet that is dedicated to temperature sensitive items such as nutritional supplements!

So yes, if you need very specific warehouse requirements, Skynet may have what you need.

  • Service Area They deliver to both East and West Malaysia, and can handle international delivery as well.
  • Posting Parcels Courier pick-up and parcel drop off is available at their branches, with additional extended 24 hour service available should you need to post a package urgently.

Skynet Shipping Options & Rates

Skynet has a range of shipping services that are worth looking out for. Most notably is that if you have shipments that can’t wait until tomorrow, Skynet offers a 24-hour door-to-door emergency delivery service.

Another standout service is that they have a Special Handling Department that focuses on the handling of sensitive materials, security, and high valued items. It even has a special fleet of vehicles and the package will be handled by a group of specially trained staff!

Other cool services include diplomat service and reverse charge. eCommerce users can use bulk mailing, and you can also purchase envelopes, flyers, boxes and cartons from Skynet at a minimum cost.

Speaking of which, as they have a warehouse, you can utilise them as a fulfillment center! That means they’ll pick and pack your items and do the last mile service of delivering your shipment to your designated location.

Their delivery rates are based on the actual weight of the package or its volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

So far, their price for West Malaysia starts at RM6.50 for items below 1kg, and RM12.20 for East Malaysia.

Pros & Cons of Skynet

  • Warehouse fulfillment
  • Specialised warehouse
  • 24 hour emergency delivery service
  • 24 hour emergency delivery service for urgent packages available
  • No prepaid option
  • No pickup option in WP Labuan

For more information, visit Skynet official website to learn more.

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7. J&T Express

JT express logo

J&T Express is an Indonesian logistics company that was founded in 2015 and has expanded swiftly in the Southeast Asia region with express courier delivery as its core business.

Their worthwhile features include their 24 hours customer service hotline, speedy claims service, operating 365 days a year, as well as a real time tracking system.

For eCommerce sellers, you can register as a VIP member! You can do bulk ordering, massive invoice searches, convenient Electronic-Way Bill (EWB) registering, pick-up services, cheaper price rates, and more.

  • Service Area They deliver to both East and West Malaysia, with their coverage in Sabah recently increasing as well. As for international shipping, they deliver to six countries; Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.
  • Posting Parcels Courier pick-up and parcel drop off is available within their covered areas.

J&T Express Shipping Options & Rates

J&T Express offers domestic and international shipping, though their international shipping is limited to 6 countries within Asia.

For eCommerce sellers, they do multi-pieces shipment for more than 10 parcels that are 3kg and above combined. They also have sea freight shipping especially between West and East Malaysia that is worth looking into as well.

They also have next day parcel delivery for an additional cost of RM3.

If you need to buy packaging, you can actually purchase it on their official Shopee page!

Their normal delivery rate within West Malaysia starts at RM8, while if you want next day delivery the price starts at RM11.

For delivery from West to East Malaysia via sea freight, it’s RM16 for the first 3kg.

For their multi-pieces shipment services, prices vary. They’ve provided the above example to give you an idea of how much it costs.

If your number of parcels weigh a total of 50kg, your shipping fee using the multi-pieces shipment would cost RM57 with their service, compared to a normal walk-in price of RM85 for the same item. That’s a RM28 saving!

Pros & Cons of J&T Express

  • Multi-Piece shipment
  • 365 days delivery service
  • 24 hour customer service hotline
  • 365 days delivery service means you’ll even get your packages on the weekend
  • No prepaid service
  • Pick up has an additional fee of RM5 if you’re not a VIP member

For more information, visit J&T Express official website to learn more.

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8. Janio

janio logo

Janio is a new player in the courier service industry, formed in 2019. They are an integrated logistics solutions provider based in Singapore, providing solutions across 15 markets in Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mainland China and Thailand.

They promise to make shipping within Southeast Asia simpler. Whether it’s for B2C, freight, customs clearance, domestic delivery, or any combination of them to major destinations in SEA, they’ll help you figure it out.

They even have articles explaining how to ship your products to these different countries!

They will also provide a platform for you to make orders, keep track of your orders, and more.

  • Service Area They’re best known for their deliveries between Singapore and Malaysia, so they deliver to both East and West of Malaysia.
  • Posting Parcels Courier pick-up and parcel drop off is available within their selected location.

Their international shipping coverage doesn’t just cover countries within Southeast Asia. They’ve also made delivering to the USA possible too with attractive rates.

Janio Shipping Options & Rates

Janio offers eCommerce logistics, freight forwarding, and custom clearance as their shipping options.

Their freight forwarding covers land, air, and sea freight shipping for international shipping. They even have cross border trucking that can even be optimised to save you cost further when delivering to different countries by land!

They also offer last mile solutions, and pride in their knowledge in the unique cities of Southeast Asia to deliver this service.

As they’re focused on international shipping, they’re also specialised in customs clearance. This means your product can be cleared quickly and reliably to enter other countries that you would normally deem difficult.

What’s even cooler, is that they can even arrange cash-on-delivery for your international customers! That means you can offer more payment options to your overseas customers.

Their shipping rates are calculated by volumetric weight, though they don’t offer a calculator online to get a full rate from them. They recommend contacting them for a quotation.

As for international deliveries through EasyParcel, you can deliver to Indonesia with a starting cost of RM21.20, to Singapore with a starting cost of RM22.30, and Taiwan with a starting cost of RM29.70.

Pros & Cons of Janio

  • Fast customs service
  • Informative insight on overseas customers
  • Great for building your customers overseas
  • They provide lots of helpful information and services to help you build and deliver to your customer base overseas
  • No app tracking
  • Mainly based in Singapore
  • No shipping rate calculator available on website

For more information, visit Janio official website to learn more.

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A Better Choice Than Courier Service – Use A Fulfillment Service

As I’ve said, selecting the ‘best’ courier service comes down to what you need for your eCommerce business. Many sellers find it useful to combine 2-3 different courier services, so they can tap into the different benefits of each.

However… this can also get messy real fast. You can easily lose track of which courier service you used for which specific parcel, or get confused over the different processes and paperwork.

Instead of going through all that madness, why not let someone else handle the juggling for you?

This is where a local fulfillment service like Store & Send comes in, as they’re partnered with ALL the couriers on this list!

The flow of fulfillment center
A fulfillment center handles warehousing, picking, packaging and shipping.

Store & Send is a prime example of a fulfillment center – a service that helps you manage your online orders quickly and easily, all the way to delivery.

Store & Send is pretty unique in that it has its own proprietary software that helps you oversee your stock and inventory. They then pick and pack your orders, and send it out for delivery for you.

In short – you’ll be able to use all Malaysia’s best courier services without needing to manage them yourself! You can let Store & Send do it for you.

Using Store & Send also comes with other benefits, including:

  • Being able to cut delivery costs, since they’ll negotiate the best rates for you.
  • Saving time and money from going to drop-off points or arranging pick-up yourself (which may come with additional costs).
  • Giving you more time to focus on ways to grow your eCommerce business, e.g. focusing on new promotions and marketing.

For more information, check out our Store & Send review to learn how they can optimize your eCommerce business today!

Verdict: Which Is The Best Courier Service In Malaysia?

To recap, here are the our top 3 courier services for startups and small eCommerce businesses:

Courier ServicePickup ServiceOverall RatingPrice (Start from)
Pos Laju
Ninja Van

If you’re looking into growing your eCommerce business and wish to serve more customers, it’s always great to keep your courier service options open. For that reason – we’d recommend simplifying things with a fulfillment service like Store & Send. They keep things simple by being a one-stop center for all of your eCommerce needs.

Otherwise, we’d recommend you stick to one of the top 3 courier services we recommend here, due to their great affordability and coverage.

That said – feel free to choose any of the courier services in this article, as they are still worth looking into. Especially if their service aligns with what you’re looking for in your eCommerce business!

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