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Black Friday VPN Deals 2023

Black Friday is here and people are getting ready to splurge because of all the huge discounts. Take this opportunity to save big on your VPN of choice this year. Some of the sales have already started. Check them out below!


69% off 2-year plan + 3 EXTRA months


NordVPN pushes all the right buttons in key areas of security, privacy and speed.

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* Last updated: 17th November 2023 12:00pm Malaysian Time
** TBC refers to “To Be Confirmed”, this list will be constantly updated as soon as we have the official deals from the provider.

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What Is the Best Black Friday VPN Deal?

The best Black Friday VPN deal in 2023 is currently NordVPN. NordVPN is offering a 69% discount for their 2-year plan, which brings the monthly price down to just RM14.14 per month. They are also adding 3 extra months on top of the subscription for free. See our NordVPN Black Friday Deals breakdown for more details.

How Long Do Black Friday VPN Sales Last?

Black Friday VPN sales last 3 days, which start on Nov 24, 2023 and last until Nov 26, 2023. Most VPN providers extend their Black Friday sale through Cyber Monday, which starts on Nov 27, 2023.

What Can I Expect from Black Friday VPN Deals?

You can expect huge discounts in the range of 50% to 80% off VPNs for Black Friday VPN deals. You can find VPN services with starting prices for as low as RM9.46 per month. These VPN deals also include free add-ons, such as extra months of service and bundled products associated with online security, like password manager, encryption service, and cloud storage.

How Do I Avail Black Friday VPN Deals?

You can avail Black Friday VPN deals by visiting the VPN provider’s website via links in our Bitcatcha deal list. Many providers apply the discounts directly to their VPN plans, so you need only to pick yours and check out. Otherwise, you should apply Black Friday promo codes at checkout to get the discounts for your VPN plans.

Are Black Friday VPN Deals Available for New Signups Only?

No, Black Friday VPN deals are available to both existing and new customers. Existing customers can renew or upgrade their current VPN services at the discounted rate from the Black Friday sale.

Are Black Friday VPN Deals Refundable?

Yes, Black Friday VPN deals are refundable. You can request refund from most VPN companies that offer a money-back guarantee. You can find out if a VPN provider offers money-back guarantee through support or from their terms for Black Friday deals.

What Should I Look Out for when Choosing a VPN on Black Friday?

You should look out for these 4 factors when choosing a VPN on Black Friday:

  • Logging policy Ensure the VPN provider does not keep activity logs or identifiable information of any kind, which you can find out through policies on the VPN provider’s websites.
  • VPN protocol Check whether the VPN provider support the use of VPN protocols of your choice, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN and WireGuard. Some VPN providers only support certain VPN protocols on certain VPN servers.
  • Server location Check whether the VPN provider offers server location of your choice for VPN connection. You can also go for VPN providers with a wide range of server location if you do not have specific requirement.
  • Simultaneous connections Ensure the VPN provider supports simultaneous VPN connection on different devices. This allows you to share one VPN subscription that secure multiple devices for your friends and family members.

Learn how to shop the best VPN services here.

What Are the Caveats of Black Friday VPN Deals?

There are 3 caveats to Black Friday VPN deals:

  • Conditions to big discounts The biggest discounts to VPN services are applicable only to multi-year plans. You need to commit for a 2- or 3-year VPN plan to access these discounts advertised in the Black Friday promo.
  • Renewal rate VPN plans purchased during Black Friday sale at a discounted rate will renew at their regular rate. It is important for you to be aware of the renewal rate, which most VPN providers clearly spell out during checkout.
  • Refund policy You should scrutinize the VPN’s refund policy before purchase. You need to ensure you can get your money back if you have decided the service is not for you. Some VPN providers do not refund for service purchased during Black Friday.

Is ExpressVPN Black Friday Deals Worth Getting?

Yes, ExpressVPN Black Friday deals are worth getting for the big discounts on their premium VPN services. Learn more about ExpressVPN Black Friday deals in our overview.

Does ProtonVPN Run Black Friday Sale?

Yes, ProtonVPN does run Black Friday sale. We expect ProtonVPN to start their Black Friday sale on Nov 24, 2023. Check our ProtonVPN Black Friday deals overview to learn more.

Are Black Friday VPN Lifetime Deals Worth Getting?

Yes, lifetime VPNs on Black Friday sale are worth getting if you prefer long-term value. You get continuous VPN service with just a one-time payment, which results in big savings over the years compared to yearly or multi-year VPN plans. It is important for you to evaluate the VPN provider’s reputation and stability to ensure the lifetime service stays online.

Can I Still Get VPN Deals if I Miss Black Friday?

Yes, you can still get VPN deals after Black Friday. Most VPN providers extend their sale through Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year.

How Do I Keep Track of All Black Friday VPN Deals?

You can keep track of Black Friday VPN deals by bookmarking and checking out regularly our VPN deal list on Bitcatcha. We continuously update the list with the latest and most competitive VPN promos as they become available.

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