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Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2023 (81% OFF Web Hosting Plans)

Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2023 – LIVE

Get up to 81% OFF web hosting, from as low as RM11.86. Use code BITCATCHA10 for extra 10% OFF! Learn more.

Black Friday is upon us again, and if you’re thinking about getting a new web hosting service or migrating to a new one, there’s literally no better time to take action than NOW.

You see, while most web hosting services offer maybe 50% – 70% off their services during Black Friday, Hostinger decides to join the party and rock the boat by throwing out a freakin’ 81% off shared hosting plans with FREE extra 2 months and a domain name for their Black Friday Sale!

hostinger black friday sale 2023
  • From as low as RM11.86 with free domain name.
  • Get discounts on shared and cloud hosting with website builder!
Get 81% off @ Hostinger (Black Friday 2023)

With a starting price that’s already pretty damn low, you’ll be looking to pay just RM11.86 per month for a shared hosting plan – that’s mind-blowingly cheap, yet they still manage to throw in a free domain name AND extra 2 months of hosting for your total bill.

That’s huge!

Honestly, I don’t personally need a web hosting service right now, I’m scrambling to think of ideas just so I have an excuse to purchase Hostinger’s massive price markdown.

Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Sale – Details

Premium (shared hosting)
  • Discount: 81% OFF
  • Discount price: RM11.86 /mo
  • Regular price: RM61.86 /mo
  • Start date: 30 Oct 2023
  • End date: TBC
  • Full details: Learn more
  • Discount: 75% OFF
  • Discount price: RM16.62 /mo
  • Regular price: RM16.62 /mo
  • Start date: 30 Oct 2023
  • End date: TBC
  • Full details: Learn more
  • Discount: 64% OFF
  • Discount price: RM42.81 /mo
  • Regular price: RM114.30 /mo
  • Start date: 30 Oct 2023
  • End date: TBC
  • Full details: Learn more
  • From as low as RM11.86 with free domain name.
  • Get discounts on shared and cloud hosting with website builder!
Get 81% off @ Hostinger (Black Friday 2023)

Has Hostinger Black Friday Sale Started?

Yes, Hostinger Black Friday sale has started on 30 Oct 2023.

What Are Hostinger Black Friday Deals?

Hostinger Black Friday deals offer discounts up to 81% on their web hosting plans. You can get their shared hosting plans (Premium and Business) for as low as RM11.86 per month. You can also get their cloud hosting plans (Cloud Startup) for as low as RM42.81 per month. Hostinger is also offering a free domain name and 2 extra months of hosting services for free during the Black Friday sale.

What Is The Best Hostinger Black Friday Deal?

The best Hostinger Black Friday deal is their 81% off of the Premium shared hosting plan. You get 100 GB SSD, unlimited free SSL, free domain name and a easy-to-use website builder for just RM11.86 per month.

Is Hostinger Black Friday Sale Open To Signups From All Countries?

Yes, Hostinger Black Friday sale is open to signups from all countries. Hostinger also set up multiple websites localized for different countries, including Argentina, Colombia, France and Indonesia. This allows visitors to shop their Black Friday deals in language and currency familiar to them.

Is Hostinger Black Friday Sale Limited To A Certain Number Of Customers?

No, Hostinger Black Friday sale does not limit to a certain number of customers. You are able to avail their hosting deals as long as the sale is still ongoing.

How Do I Avail Hostinger’s Black Friday Promo?

You can avail Hostinger’s Black Friday web hosting promo by visiting their website. Hostinger applied their Black Friday discounts directly to their hosting plans, so you need only to pick yours, check out and entering your payment details.

Can Existing Customers Avail Hostinger’s Black Friday Deals?

Yes, existing customers can avail Hostinger Black Friday deals by upgrading to a higher-tier web hosting plans at a discounted rate.

Why Is Hostinger Awesome For Black Friday Deals?

Hostinger is awesome for offering generous features and fast server speeds at below RM20 per month for Black Friday. They are also a web hosting company bootstrapped from Kaunas, Lithuania, which means they control 100% of their own web hosting quality and performance. Hostinger has since taken over the world by storm, serving 41 countries with 10 data centers all over the world, powering over 2 million websites as of 2023.

What Makes Hostinger a Good Buy during Black Friday Sale?

There are 2 reasons that make Hostinger a good buy during Black Friday:

  • Generous server resources Hostinger offers SSD storage, free backups, unlimited free SSL and a free domain name in their shared hosting plans. They also offer a multitude of features optimized for WordPress, including WP acceleration, 1-click WP installation, WP-CLI and SSH.
  • Wide selection of hosting plans Hostinger offers a wide range of web hosting services at affordable rates, from the beginner-friendly shared hosting to business-grade cloud hosting. This means websites hosted on Hostinger can easily upgrade to more powerful options without needing to migrate to other web hosts.

How Is Hostinger’s Performance?

Hostinger’s performance as a web host is excellent in terms of server response time and uptime. We set up multiple test sites with them to see how fast their data centers perform when pinged from different countries around the world, and all of them came back with a Bitcatcha speed ranking of A+, which is a sub-180ms average server response time globally.

Our test sites on 2 of their data centers are still at 100% uptime (USA and Netherlands), while the Singaporean data center is at 99.9%.

See our Hostinger’s review to learn more.

Is Black Friday The Best Time To Get Hostinger Plans?

Yes, Black Friday is the best time to get Hostinger’s plans. Hostinger offers the biggest price cut for their hosting services only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get Hostinger’s web hosting service for less than RM15 per month, making it one of the best Black Friday web hosting deals to get.

Does Hostinger Refund For Black Friday Deals?

Yes, Hostinger refunds for plans purchased during their Black Friday sale via a 30-day money-back guarantee. You need to contact Hostinger and intitate a refund for your hosting service within 30 days of your purchase. A successful refund will cancel your Hostinger subscription.

How Do I Pay For Hostinger’s Black Friday Deals?

You can pay for Hostinger’s Black Friday deals using the 4 payment methods below:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrency

Do Hostinger Plans Renew At Black Friday’s Discounted Rate?

No, Hostinger’s plans purchased during Black Friday sale do not renew at the discounted rate. You will be charged for your hosting plans at their regular rate upon renewal.

  • SSL certificate included, 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • From as low as RM11.86 with free domain.
Get 81% off @ Hostinger (Black Friday 2023)