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Store & Send is an awesome fulfilment service for eCommerce sellers serving the Klang Valley. If you want to optimize your business, they’re our top pick!


Store & Send Review – The 9 Pros & 3 Cons of Store & Send Fulfillment Service


April 22, 2024


eCommerce is an exciting avenue for Malaysian businesses. But it’s also highly competitive! A fulfillment service can be the best solution to simplify your daily operations and let you focus on growing sales.


Today, we’ll discuss the local fulfilment service Store & Send. We’ll explain their impressive pros and cons, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you!



Store & Send’s Background


If there’s anyone who understands the pains of eCommerce sellers, it’s these guys.


They started off as a retailer in 2016. When times got hard, they began selling online.


Their journey has meant that they’re personally familiar with every eCommerce seller’s struggles, like counting stock and picking and packing. Not to mention the headaches of managing product returns and dealing with scams…


Store & Send became especially aware of the restraints of not having enough space to hold stock. They struggled to find a dependable warehouse partner that was both reliable and affordable.


So, they decided to become a fulfillment center themselves.


How to use Store & Send


At this point – you might still be wondering what a fulfillment center is.


Easy! Fulfillment centers, like Store & Send will help manage your orders the moment your products arrive in their warehouse.


This means they handle:


  • Stock counting
  • Packing and picking
  • Sending products off for delivery to your customers


By using their services, you can focus on other areas that you need to grow your business further. Things like doing marketing campaigns or expanding your product range for your customers.


In fact, Store & Send’s offerings can be categorized into two major solutions:


  1. A place to store your products and fulfill your orders
  2. A specialised software that helps you manage inventory remotely


Anyone interested in working with Store & Send, can do so in 5 simple steps.


5 steps to use store and send

(Click here for enlarged version of this image.)


With these two solutions, Store & Send promises to make your eCommerce venture a lot easier.


9 Pros of Utilising Store & Send for eCommerce


Everything sounds good and simple so far. But how exactly does it benefit you as a seller? Can their services really help small sized eCommerce sellers? Is it really affordable?


With this in mind, here are the pros and cons of Store & Send. Let’s figure out if it’s the right fit for your eCommerce needs.


1. Sync Inventory Across eCommerce Or Dropshipping Sites


As an eCommerce seller, you may have multiple platforms to sell your products.


And why not? Having multiple platforms is a great way to get more exposure and reach more potential customers!


But it also comes with its own set of challenges. Like needing to manage your inventory across all these different platforms.


For example, you’re running low on stock on your Shopee platform, but you’ve overlooked it. Perhaps you’ve confused it with the stock count on another platform you manage.


You make a sale on Shopee and realise in horror that you can’t fulfill the order – you’ve already run out of stock! You now have to explain to an unhappy customer what happened and go through the process of cancelling and refunding the order.


It can be stressful, no matter if you’re a new or seasoned eCommerce seller.


This is where Store & Send comes in. Their own developed software will help you to easily manage your inventory on multiple platforms.


At a glance, you’ll see a much-needed overview of stock across all your platforms.


The system will also ping you through the platform when stock is running low, the moment you log in. So you don’t even have to manually check if you’re running low.


In short, Store & Send helps you save time and resources from:


  • Restocking your products at multiple warehouses for different platforms
  • Dealing with multiple inventory management systems from different platform


What’s even more impressive is that this software can integrate with major eCommerce and dropshipping sites such as Lazada, Shopee, ZALORA, Dropee, Kumoten, and more!


Store & send can intergrate with different platform

Store & Send can integrate with eCommerce and dropshipping sites.


No matter which platform you’re selling your products on, Store & Send should be able to integrate it with their software.



2. You can integrate them with any customised online store


But what if you’re not selling on popular platforms like Shopee or Lazada?


Maybe you have your own website to promote your products. Maybe you have an online store built on eCommerce platforms like Zyro or Shopify as your point of purchase?


zyro homepage

Zyro lets you create your own online store platform.


If so, no worries! One of the best aspects we discovered about Store & Send is that they say they’re able to integrate with any online platform available.


You’ll need to talk to them though and discuss this, as the process can be different for each case. Some platforms might take longer to hook up.


But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that it’s possible to integrate your online store builder with Store & Send.


We recommend you talk to them. Ask away, and Store & Send will look into it. This option is good enough to give them a worthy plus point.



* Store & Send integrates with any platform - you just ask.



3. Affordable and flexible pricing available


Worried that using a fulfillment center will be expensive?


Normal warehouses with these kinds of services are known to charge a lot, so it makes sense to be wary of using these services.


But this is where Store & Send shines as they offer a flexible “pay-as-you-use” storage rental model that’s cost effective and perfect for small to medium eCommerce businesses.


There are additional costs to look out for, which we will touch on soon. But these additional charges promise to remain affordable and won’t break the bank.


An example of this is being able to double your storage spaces for a small fee. You don’t even have to upgrade your initial package to do so!


So in terms of cost, Store & Send is one of the best to look out for – especially in terms of warehousing and delivery. We’ll explain more in the pricing section below.



4. A secure pick & pack process order is guaranteed


One of the major challenges eCommerce sellers face is keeping track of and processing orders.


If you’re aiming to grow your business, tracking and ensuring the safety of your stock is essential, especially if you want to refrain from being a victim of eCommerce fraud.


What kind of eCommerce fraud?


Say your customer orders some full set of cutlery from you – knives, spoons, and forks.


You send it out and when the customer receives these items, they remove all the forks and claim that you never sent a full set!


Store & Send handles this dilemma by ensuring their warehouse comes with fully barcoded racking as well as barcoded products.


All relevant information is available on a fully secured and operating on a cloud based Warehouse Management System to ensure the pick & pack process is secure.


Store & send barcode rack

An illustration of the barcode rack in Store & Send.


Once an order has been made, the order is then picked according to their designated proper location barcode and warehouse SKU (stock keeping unit) barcode. Only when the items have been scanned and approved can it then be picked up and sent for delivery.


This secure process benefits you in two ways:


  1. It minimizes the eCommerce fraud.
    There’s a proper record that can help solve disputes and challenges that can potentially arise.
  2. It saves you time picking and packing items.
    You don’t have to worry about packing and delivering the wrong order.


In short – their system ensures the safety of your product at every step of the way, until it reaches your customer. And you’ll have peace of mind.


All in all, Store & Send’s secure process will help protect your company’s bottomline, plus protect your resources from deceitful criminals.



5. Store & Send lets you sell individual SKUs


Traditionally, warehouses will only handle items that are in pallets and cartons. This makes sense considering their size and capabilities, as they are equipped with machines and systems that primarily do wholesale or B2B eCommerce orders in huge quantities.


Unfortunately this leaves out small eCommerce sellers who are mainly focused on B2C, who need to sell products individually, rather than in bulk.


But Store & Send is able to give you the flexibility to target both B2B and B2C clients.




By letting you identify different tiers of “unit of measurement” for your product or SKU. You can choose from a Single, Inner Pack, Carton or Pallet.


unit of measurement available in Stock & Send

Illustration of the tiered unit of measurement available in Stock & Send.


If you’re selling to your average consumer, you can simply select Single or Inner Pack. After all, they’re more likely to order items individually, or in small quantities with a mix of items.


However – if you want to sell to a business that orders in bulk, you can just select the carton or pallet option for them.


In short – Store & Send gives you the option and the freedom to sell to whoever you want. Even if you’re a small to medium eCommerce company. Nice!



6. Appointed merchant for multiple drop off points


Store & Send is the appointed merchant for multiple drop off points

That’s right, Store & Send is the appointed merchant for multiple drop off points (DOP) such as Shopee, Lazada, and even recently Ninja Van!


Being an appointed merchant for these drop off points comes with lots of benefits. As parcels are generally processed by courier services, by being an appointed merchant DOP, Store & Send can process parcels a lot faster.


Faster deliveries mean happier buyers! Your buyers will see that the item they ordered was processed not long after they made their order. They’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that their order is already packed and ready for the next step.


This extra assurance will definitely make you look good as a seller. It’s a great plus point!



7. Partnered with major courier services


Partnered With Major Courier Services


Other than being the appointed merchant, Store & Send has also partnered with all the household Malaysian courier services you can think of; POS Laju, Ninjavan, J&T Express, GDEX, DHL, City-Link, Skynet, and even Janio.


That means that, by using Store & Send, you don’t have to waste your time queueing at the post office. They’ll do all the work for you.


That also means you get THE best shipping rates in the market from these courier services! You’ll be able to offer the best shipping rates to your buyers, to appear more attractive to them.


This ALSO means that Store & Send can handle issues such as Cash-on-delivery options, and even order returns, should you need it.


Basically, anything related to logistics – you can leave it to Store & Send to handle to the best of their ability.


Curious about your courier options?

Read our write-up on the best courier services in Malaysia – all of which are partnered with Store & Send!



8. Phone and WhatsApp support available


Another strong-point of Store & Send is that they’re always open to communicating. Whether you’re a current client, or a potential one.


They offer a few different ways to contact them, which means you can easily get support or ask questions whenever you need it!


Apart from the usual email support, you can also contact them via WhatsApp. So far, they claim to have a decent response rate and they promise to never leave you hanging!


Of course, the best option for instant answers and support is to call them, which is available as well.



9. Their warehouse is strategically located


The location of the warehouse is key to getting better prices and faster delivery.


Which is why having the Store & Send warehouse’s location in Petaling Jaya is perfect, as it’s right within the heart of Klang Valley.


Spanning 10,000 square feet, the warehouse is able to serve customers from 3 major states; Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya.


Store & send warehouse in Petaling Jaya

Store & Send warehouse in Petaling Jaya.


Store and send warehouse in Petaling Jaya

A glimpse into the Store & Send warehouse.


By being within a short distance from these locations, your customers will enjoy a lower and even free shipping rate. And, of course – faster delivery!


Your customers will definitely appreciate it.


If you’re curious to see this warehouse and what it has to offer, check out the virtual store of the Store & Send warehouse!



* Warehouse is located in Petaling Jaya and spans 10,000 square feet.


3 Cons of Store & Send


So far, everything about Store & Send has looked very impressive.


But no service is perfect, and there are some considerations to keep in mind if you’re keen to use this service.


Here are 3 cons of Store & Send to take note of.


1. Only one warehouse


While their centrally-located warehouse in PJ is definitely impressive, it’s unfortunately the only one.


So, if you have customers outside of the Klang Valley, they won’t be able to enjoy many of the benefits of better shipping rates and faster delivery times. For example, if you have orders from Penang or Johor, they could be subjected to higher shipping fees or longer delivery times.


The best way around this is to use Store & Send for your customers only within the Klang Valley, or to use Store & Send to deliver stock that’s only meant for the Klang Valley area.


But if you’re hoping to use Store & Send for other locations, it’s unfortunately not possible or recommended at the moment.


2. Custom integration may take time and extra fees


We mentioned earlier that they can offer custom integration for your online store builder. Yet it can also come with challenges.


While yes, it’s definitely possible – the downside is that the process could take up to 2 months!


Not only that, but this integration becomes even more complicated and costly if your online store is not powered by any popular builder or platform.


Again, it’s still possible to integrate, but Store & Send may charge you extra fees for this on top of it taking more time.


Your best course of action is to contact Store & Send to find out more about the integration process and what can be the best solution for you. So don’t lose hope if this is a major roadblock for you!


3. Weak social media presence


Currently, Store & Send only has their Facebook page as their only social media presence to update their customers and clients. It’s an actively managed account for sure, and they do engage with the commenters on the page.


But this means that if you don’t use Facebook, you may lose out on relevant updates or offers that may interest you.


It’s likely Store & Send is focusing on other areas rather than their social media presence, which is a shame as they do come up with some great offers. It’s also one of the reasons why so few know about them too.


Thankfully, most Malaysians do have a Facebook account so if you want to, go follow them on their Facebook page!



Store & Send Pricing Details


So, we’ve covered what Store & Send is capable of, as well as their downsides.


Let’s take a closer look at their pricing in more detail to see why they are considered affordable.


Here’s an overview of what packages they have to offer:



# Carton inbound

# Order fulfilled

Avg. rental space
2 cbm
4 cbm
20 cbm



As shown, we have three tiers here: Starter, Competence, and Expert. Their price range starts from RM600 per month, which is actually impressive if you’re a small eCommerce business.


To put this into perspective, from just RM600 per month, Store & Send solves many issues that could cost you up to RM40,000 per month should you be doing it by yourself. Things like:


  • Flyer bag
  • Stationary
  • Staff error
  • Staff leave
  • Staff hiring
  • Warehouse rental
  • Warehouse insurance
  • Racking & maintenance
  • Warehouse security systems
  • Warehousing management system


This makes Store & Send truly ideal for small to medium eCommerce companies who are hoping to save on warehouse costs.


That said – here are some additional costs you should be aware of.




Carton inbounds

Orders fulfilled

Rental Space*

* Get up to double the space (per cbm) without upgrading your plan.


As you can see – they charge extra for things like bubble wrap, inbound cartons, and even orders fulfilled. Still, the range is affordable, and the higher your chosen package is, the lower the costs get.


There’s also an upgrade should you need to get more storage space, depending on which package you choose. Prices start at RM85 for the starter package and go as low as RM65 for the expert package.


Opting for additional storage will give you up to double the space you initially got from your package. This means that if you’re on a starter package, you’ll get up to 4 cbm from the initial 2 cbm. Those with the competence package will get up to 8 cbm, and those with the expert package will get up to 40 cbm.


If it’s hard to calculate it all in your head, it’s recommended you contact Store & Send to get a full quotation.


They should be able to provide a quote that’s within your budget and solves any issues so you can run your business smoothly.



* Price starts from RM600 per month.


Verdict: Is Store & Send worth it?


From everything we see, Store & Send is perfect for anyone keen to expand their eCommerce business.


In a nutshell – Store & Send takes the headache out of eCommerce logistics. This frees up time and resources for you to focus on growing your business.


You’ll be spared the boring and confusing parts of inventory management or order fulfillment. Plus, their software makes it easy for you to track stock across platforms – so you won’t need to worry about growing too fast.


Due to their location, their services are best suited for eCommerce businesses operating mainly within the Klang Valley. If your customers are in this area, you’ll have no issues.


Paired with affordable pricing, Store & Send is definitely our top pick for small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses.


If you’re curious to know how much Store & Send can help you, reach out and get a full quotation from them today!


Key Features

  • ✓ Sell individual SKU
  • ✓ Strategically located
  • ✓ Secure pick & pack process
  • ✓ Affordable & flexible pricing
  • ✓ Multi-platform inventory sync
  • ✓ Saves time & effort for delivery

Recommended For

  • • Solopreneurs
  • • Sellers targeting Klang Valley
  • • Small to medium eCommerce businesses



* Price starts from RM600 per month.


Store & Send

Customer Service


Overall Rating

Feature Highlights

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  • • Integrate with online store
  • • Let you sell individual SKUs

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